09/2009 Completed

Bachelor Of Science:
Information Of Technology With A Concentration In Visual Communications.

05/1999 Completed

Associate Of Applied Science:
Electronics Engineering.

Work History:

07/10/1998 - Present

Technology Specialist.

04/16/2012 - Present

Panoramic Web Design LLC
Web Developer | Freelance.

03/1995 - 07/1998

Pave Technology
Technician | Assembler.


Employment that fully utilizes my diverse business experience in Website Design & Development and offers the opportunity for career advancement along with the further expansion of my Information Technology skills.


20+ years of diverse business experience, 6 years in website development/Freelance work. Hands on experience with:

HTML, HTML5, Dreamweaver, Flash, PhotoShop, Unity, C#, PHP, JavaScript, ASP, VBScript, DHTML, MSQuery, SQL, FTP, Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Web Host Manager (WHM), Cpanel.